Fans of pirate for profit themselves become victims of pirates

Любители пиратской наживы сами становятся жертвами пиратов

In the beginning of the week website announced that users of the popular branch of the pirate news Reddit/r/piracy attacked by bots. The branch 402 has thousands of subscribers interested in the latest news of theft content and its attractive features. These users, by their very nature, susceptible to all free. It is not surprising that the scammers offer them just that.

This weekend fans of balls of steel to announce the receipt of unsolicited direct messages with great deals. All they were asked to do is to download a free software called PremiumGet. In return, users get free premium accounts Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, VPN, Grammarly and other services. Also, the letter contained a link to a hosting where I can download the file in 52Мб. And he is not aroused the suspicions of the anti-virus software and not provoking messages about the danger.

When the package is installed, the user was asked to enter the username and password of Facebook or Google. End of story. This data was the target of thieves.

While in Ukraine in March of this year, the cyberpolice have arrested the attacker, who mainil cryptocurrency at the expense of visitors of pirated resources. On the website of the cyber police reported that 32-the summer inhabitant of Bukovina created a number of Internet resources with pirated content, which has placed a malicious script. In a month resources is visited by over half a million users, many of whom were… it is impossible to call them victims. Although, it was so. The miner faces imprisonment of up to six years.

According to the EU’s Intellectual Property Office last year, the most frequent provider of viruses, vulnerabilities and other spy agents have been downloaded from the Internet “useful” FOR. On the second and third places fake installers computer games and software for streaming video.

In General, hunter pirate treasure quickly turns into production as soon as begins to think that suppliers of attractive offers labor only for his pleasure and entertainment.

In 2014 edition internetua reported that 90% of the most popular pirate torrent sites contain a lot of malicious and unwanted software. Moreover, two-thirds of these portals are linked with fraudsters who steal credit card data. This statistic has been collected by conducting a detailed analysis of the 30 most visited illegitimate file-sharing services on the Network. One more time fans stolen warned about this in an article in September 2018.

After all, when you go to the thieves ‘ territory, there are laws and thieves.

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