Fans of Rayo Vallecano in the match against Albacete transformed Ukrainian Zozulya from “Nazi” to a “Communist”

Фаны "Райо Вальекано" в матче против "Альбасете" трансформировали украинца Зозулю из "нациста" в "коммуниста"

Roman Zozulya

Yesterday in the framework of the 30th round of the Spanish Segunda, a meeting was held between the “Albacete”, which is the Roman Zozulya and “Rayo Vallecano”.

This time the hosts were the team of Ukrainian.

The match ended in a draw – 1:1, but the fans, the guests again excelled with their attention to the Novel.

If the last time fans of “Reyes” called the Novel a Nazi, and that’s why the match was stopped and punished the club, now made him a Communist: “the old Communist” the fans were chanting “Vallecano”.

Despite this match played to the end, and Ukrainian spent 75 minutes on the pitch.