Fans sang Happy Birthday to Adam Sandler, when he appeared at TIFF (PHOTOS)

Фанаты спели Happy Birthday Адаму Сэндлеру, когда он появился на TIFF (ФОТО)

September 10, celebrated his birthday actor, producer, screenwriter Adam Sandler. And his 53rd birthday, he met at TIFF. And despite the fact that yesterday he was not welcome on the streets of Toronto, later everything changed – the fans sang him birthday song Happy Birthday.

The new movie with Sandler in the lead role of “jewels in the Rough” (Uncut Gems), which premiered last night at TIFF, coincided with the birthday stars of Comedy.

When Sandler stepped on King Street West, the camera is turned on and the fans began to crowd to sing Happy Birthday while he happily waved in response.

And some fans also held up banners with wishes, Sandler enjoyed doing with them self.

Adam Sandler actively watched the last days, as often noticed him on the streets of Toronto in a hoodie, t-shirt and basketball shorts. He constantly posed for photos with fans and other stars.

And earlier in the day, walking in the area of the Eaton Centre, the iconic comedic actor who has starred in no less than 50 major Hollywood movies, and received a portion of the battlefield from an unknown gentleman. There is a video of the incident, which is seen as a man with some bad intentions goes to the mustachioed Sandler standing on the track in front YDS. Sandler is almost unrecognizable in basketball shorts and a hoodie, watching the man for a few seconds. Then when the man starts waving his arms and shouting, the actor walks away, not saying a word.