Fashionable and dangerous: 7 strange trends in fitness

A modern girl trying to watch my weight. And then there are fashion trends, including fitness, which can lead to dangerous consequences. Read more about the trends that will have a negative impact on health, will be discussed in the material.

Модно и опасно: 7 странных тенденций в фитнесе

Protruding ribs

Bulging of the hip is often held in high esteem. This trend arose because of celebrities for example Rita Ora, Kourtney Kardashian, Bella Hadid. They began to publish the photos in a bikini, and then everyone started to imitate their idols. It looks unnatural and weird.

Ad Crack

This translates to a crack on the belly – is another trend. In fact it is the visible line that visually divides the abdominal muscles in half. This is only possible with the thinness and good press. But according to doctors, there is nothing right and healthy. Excessive passion to bring the body in order to harm. But regular exercise and a healthy diet – on the contrary benefit.

Yoga newcomers

It’s a rather strange trend followed by some of the people who are involved in this activity. People pull and push the belly, it looks as though the stomach is living her life, dancing. It is from this so called yoga.

Exercise waist

With this training, you can reduce the waist. In fact, this kind of corsets that were popular a few centuries ago. With the help of such devices has decreased the size of the stomach. But with constant wear it is fraught with health problems. Including heartburn, indigestion or displacement of internal organs.

Hide and seek by leaf

Chinese social networks were popular this trend is. The girl had to stand behind a sheet of paper and take a picture so that the waist to bleed over the edge of the leaf. The waist of these girls should be no more than 50 cm Is small even by the standards of a very fragile girls.

Coins on the clavicle

A few years ago it was possible to put pictures where girls are trying to keep as many coins on the clavicle. The more – the more sexual person, and slimmer. But doctors warn that extreme weight loss, which including decided the authors of such images, can severely harm your health.