Fast food called enemy of testosterone

Specialists from Flinders University and the University of South Australia came to the conclusion that fast food reduces the production of the “male hormone” testosterone. The researchers found that the high fat intake from fast food has a negative impact on testosterone levels in the blood serum of men, according to Medicalxpress.

Фастфуд назвали врагом тестостерона

Studying the influence of dietary fat on the endocrine function of the testes, the researchers found some alarming results. Consumption of fast food leads to reduced level of the male hormone by 25% after an hour after eating. Over the next four hours, testosterone levels remained below normal values.

The study authors noted that the subjects were exclusively men with overweight or obesity. Therefore, it is premature to say that evil men may face a similar problem. Fat men researchers are advised to reduce to the minimum the consumption of fast food and avoid snacking between meals.