Fasting and exercise can recharge the body

Our body is truly amazing and multi-purpose mechanism that can cope with the absolute majority of problems that are generated within it. For example, such an important process as ridding the body of excess cells and proteins is almost entirely due to some hormones and special molecules of ubiquitin, a substance to which are attached the unwanted proteins and cells for their subsequent decomposition. However, excessive accumulation of these cells and proteins, due to the failure of this mechanism can lead to various neurodegenerative diseases, and therefore was the new way to deal with it.

Голодание и тренировки могут перезарядить организм

Experts from Harvard University presented the results of their new study, based on the desire to strengthen the regulation and effectiveness of natural hormones of the body involved in getting rid of excess proteins and cells – we are talking primarily about the so-called chemical trigger the hormone cAMP in which these cells and decompose.

Previously, scientists have proposed a number of pharmacological methods and tools for the improvement of this regulation, but now the study focused on the identification of new possible ways for a repetition, but only by the hormones. And it was discovered – is it a systematic physical activity and so-called fasting. Scientists were able to verify this by putting a fairly long experiment in which subjects were systematically engaged in physical activity and passed the stages of fasting – was that with this enhancement, natural process activity trigger increases in cAMP several times.

This, in turn, means that the body much faster getting rid of useless cells and proteins, thus contributing to a more rapid and safe decomposition – however, scientists are not yet able to determine the method of natural regulation of hormones as completely safe because they have not studied the possible effects and side effects – it takes some extra time.