Fat cat took to play sports, but she used the trainer otherwise

Толстую кошку отвели заниматься спортом, но она воспользовалась тренажером иначе

Cinder block (or Cinderblock) — cat from the city of Bellingham, Washington. The animal is suffering from obesity and runs a special programme for weight loss at a local veterinary hospital.

The vet said that in the first place chose the cat universal exercise — special treadmill filled with water. So removed the burden from the legs of the animal, which makes training longer and more efficiently. The first lesson was introductory that the cat felt the simulator.

But the cinder block has not expressed special desire to play sports. The animal quickly learned that you can stand on the corner where the simulator is not moving and just lazily move one paw. The owners of cats caught this “training” video. The video with the cinder block broke on social media and on Reddit.