Fatal fall down the stairs: he faces justice after the suspicious death of his brother

Fatal fall down stairs: He faces justice after suspicious death of his brother


A 38-year-old man will face justice after his younger brother fell to his death down the stairs of an apartment in Pointe-Saint-Charles this weekend.

The altercation between Craig Kowal, the suspect, and his brother, Kevin, reportedly broke out on Sunday inside an apartment on the first floor of a building located on Avenue Ash, near Rue le Ber.

The 37-year-old victim would then have gone out on the balcony leading to the back parking lot to get some fresh air, reports the neighbor located on the floor above, who only revealed his nickname, Bugsy.< /p>

It was when he arrived in front of a small staircase that he allegedly fell and landed on his back.

“When he fell, I tried to see if he was going to react,” says Bugsy, who was then perched on his balcony.

However, the one who has lived in Pointe-Saint-Charles for 15 years found the victim inert on the ground, his eyes open, with blood flowing from his head. 

The death of the 30-year-old was later found at the scene by emergency services, while his brother was arrested within hours.

Montreal police were trying to clarify the circumstances surrounding a fatal fall that occurred Sunday in the courtyard back of this building in Pointe-Saint-Charles, in the west of Montreal.

Note that the two men did not live at the address where the tragedy occurred, but they regularly came to visit the tenant who lives there. 

This the latter also refused to speak with our representative on the pretext that he was absent at the time of the events.

Role to be clarified

Craig Kowal appeared briefly on Monday by videoconference from the Southern Operations Center, where he was being held. 

Dressed in a dark sweater and with his head bowed, the 38-year-old remained silent during the brief hearing.

Kowal is charged with assault, death threats and strangulation among other charges . 

As the Crown has opposed his release, he will remain detained at least until tomorrow, when his next hearing is due.

It is not ruled out that new charges will be filed since the investigators are still trying to establish the exact implication of Kowal in the death of his brother.


The violence of this event contrasts with the calm that generally reigns in this western district of the metropolis, according to citizens interviewed by Le Journal.

“We've lived here for about ten years and we've never had a problem,” says Evelyn Robertson.

“It's a quiet place,” says Romeo. Jardin, who has lived in the area for more than 20 years.

Recall that at the end of July, two men aged 18 and 20 were seriously injured by gunshots some 200 meters from the place of the altercation between the Kowal brothers

– With Michaël Nguyen

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