Father Katya Osadchaya has frankly told about the son-in-law and grandchildren

Recently a popular Ukrainian TV presenter Katya Osadchaya has gathered a stellar guest on the bright concert she staged “Evening Prime Minister” in the “Palace Ukraine”. She shone in a bright evening gown with a high slit to mid-thigh, embellished with sequins. Rare night out made and parents Osadchaya — father Alexander and his mother, Anna Pavlovna, who came to support the star’s daughter. Pope teledive open up with TSN.ia about your son-in-law Yuri Gorbunov, and also spoke about her grandchildren.

Отец Кати Осадчей откровенно рассказал о зяте и внуках

Alexander Osadchiy admitted that the choice of the daughter he loves, and explained that he is very sincere and loves his daughter.

“I’ll explain why. First he’s a remarkable actor. When I watched him in the play based on Anton Chekhov’s play “the Proposal”, I was appalled by his superior playing. That is the profession. As for character traits – Yuri magical and extremely emotional. However, most importantly, it is good to Kate. He has really respects his wife. It is most important to me, because it is impossible to measure the real material relations”, – said the father-in-law Yuri Gorbunov.

He also added that boundless love happy couples looking forward to spend time with the whole family.

Told the man about his grandchildren — recall that Katya Osadchaya has an older son Ilya from his first marriage, and Gorbunov they are raising a two-year Ivan.

Alexander has unveiled the preferences of the boys — it turns out that Ilya wants to go to study in America.

“Elijah we have angloman, teaches all school subjects in English. The guy is very purposeful, for to study the English program, not so easy. In the future, the grandson is planning to go to study in USA and get an education programmer. And not because it’s just America, because that is where the source of all computer science,” said grandpa.

In addition, Alexander Osadchiy said that he likes that Ilya, studying science, not to forget about sport and actively involved.

But the younger Ivan just loves cars, I told the pleased grandfather.

“Ivan loves cars. He seems an eternity can wipe the wheels and sit behind the wheel. It’s obvious he’s a keen car enthusiast. What will be further — will show time,” said the man.