Fatigue, low mood, hair loss and other signs of anemia

Anemia is low concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. The main danger of anemia is that a decrease in hemoglobin occurs gradually, and the person does not conduct a cause-and-effect relationships, getting used to his condition, taking on individual characteristics. These signs will allow you to understand if you have the likelihood of anemia, and whether to be tested for hemoglobin.

Усталость, сниженное настроение, выпадение волос и другие признаки анемии

The cause of anemia, as a rule, lies in the lack of iron. Less common, but more serious anemia – match those of aplastic. It occurs as part of an autoimmune disease. Today we talk about iron deficiency anemia and its signs.

The symptoms of anemia

If you experience three or more symptoms is a reason to go to the therapist or independently tested for hemoglobin and ferritin.

Where to get iron?

For low hemoglobin normal food can not do, but to prescribe iron preparations themselves dangerous – the dosage needs to calculate the doctor, as iron accumulates in the liver and in excess can have a negative impact. Once the levels of hemoglobin and ferritin will be restored, it is important to include in the diet foods rich in iron.

These include: red meat, liver, meat by-products. From plant sources, the iron is absorbed worse, but vegetarians must eat apples, buckwheat, broccoli, bran, sesame seeds, nuts.