Favorite movie with one click: Kartina.TV launched new thematic channels

The main goal Kartina.TV – to respond to the interests of each client. So the team of the online cinema is constantly working to make the service even more convenient, accessible and understandable to every spectator. The company seeks to ensure that everyone can get the necessary information and find the right program or movie, without spending a minute of extra time. From June to all customers Kartina.TV available three TV channels in excellent quality: “movie date HD”, “Male Movie” and “Cenouras HD”.

Любимое кино в один клик: Kartina.TV запустила новые тематические каналы

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TV channel “Men’s movie” – a mixture of vivid impressions, unexpected outcomes to the story and these men’s actions. The characters of this movie can be called examples of courage, bravery and heroism. In movies TV channel “Men’s movie” has it all: from the high speeds and incredible situations to prohibitive levels of adrenaline and, of course, beautiful women.

Любимое кино в один клик: Kartina.TV запустила новые тематические каналы

Photo: Kartina.TV

“Olympus Has Fallen”

The terrorists get to the White House and take hostage the President. Inside the building is also the former Secret service agent Mike Banning. He seems the only one who can save the President and not let the terrorists take possession of a secret high powered weapons.

“Fall Of London”

World leaders gathered on the occasion of the funeral of their colleague, assassinated. Threatened the security of the entire world. It is taken best intelligence agents. Will they be able to save the lives of heads of States and prevent the looming catastrophe?

“Expendables 3”

One of the founders of the Expendables Stonebanks becomes a criminal and decides to deal with former friends. Barney augments his team young and tech-savvy people. “The expendables” come into a new battle.

The channel “movie date HD” invites you to a romantic journey where there are only two people in love and the whole world lying at their feet. These are the movies I want to watch together, to escape from the hustle and smile to each other.

Любимое кино в один клик: Kartina.TV запустила новые тематические каналы

Photo: Kartina.TV


Math teacher Frank goes to Venice to mend a broken heart. By chance it turns out and Elise that is looking for a DoppelgangeR for her lover who is wanted by the police. In this role, Frank fits perfectly.

“The art of deception” (2019)

Ivan is a masterful thief of masterpieces of world art. Eliza is an aspiring actress with a lot of debt and problems. Both dream of a new life, but first decides to commit a real “robbery of the century”.

“Handsome with the experience” (2019)

He knows all the secrets of seduction and accustomed to luxury at the expense of women in love with him. But Alex charm with age ceases to operate and to get back in the game, he has to invent new methods.

Channel “Cenouras HD” will be a real boon for those who love to tickle their nerves watching movies in the genre of “horror”!

Each month shows two premieres of this horror in the best traditions of the classics of the genre that have just passed in cinemas. Watch and enjoy the most terrible and sinister movies in great quality!

Любимое кино в один клик: Kartina.TV запустила новые тематические каналы

Photo: Kartina.TV


Pausing after the party, Kate miraculously manages to run into the subway and sit in the empty last train. After a time the girl discovers that behind the closed for the night the subway doors she is not alone.

“Room of desires” (2019)

A young couple finds in his mansion secret room, fulfill any desire. Sparkle in a beautiful easy life, Kate and Matt make a long-awaited child. But the magic room is this desire takes on its own.

“Ne Z”

Humanity is on the brink of extinction due to a terrible virus. To create a life-saving vaccine can only the new generation is also infected, but with high intelligence. Protect them from contact with the outside world, but once the situation gets out of control.

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