Favorites show “Dancing with the stars,” answered the rumors about love

Participant of the show “dancing with the stars” Alexander Prokhorov admitted that partner Anne of Rizatdinova spends more time than with loved ones.

Фавориты шоу «Танцы со звездами» ответили на слухи о любви

However, if there is something more between them, in addition to partnership dancing and friendship — still keeps silence.

“Of course, we had time to catch up with, after all, see each other more often than with your nearest and dearest. With Anya insanely comfortable to work with, we were able to find that compromise and common goals that help us move confident steps on the project. Very grateful to Annie for the dedication , perseverance and love for the job that she does now,” said he, reports Clutch.

Prokhorov added that he was lucky the second season in a row with a partner-athletes. But noted that the pair arguably more difficult than others. Because you have to retrain the body to move in new ways.

“Want to see our Anya couple are evaluated not on stretching and flexibility, and for the hard work and diligence with which we prepare each of our production. The viewer requires the beauty and ease. And we’re working on it, and it’s difficult,” he added.