FBI suspect in the forgery of the document on the surveillance of the headquarters of the trump (PHOTO)

Сотрудника ФБР заподозрили в подделке документа о слежке за штабом Трампа (ФОТО)

Spectacular USA John Durham suspects the unnamed FBI in the forgery of a document relating to implemented in 2016, the surveillance retinue of Donald trump. About it as transfers TASS, said on Thursday CNN.

According to the channel, the document refers to the approved by the court of surveillance of former Advisor to the election headquarters of Donald trump.

According to sources at CNN, the employee of FBI, the name and position of which were not disclosed, unable to bring charges of criminal offence, if the suspicion is confirmed. The document in question relates to the surveillance of Carter page, who during the presidential race of 2016 in the US was a campaign adviser to candidate trump.

Probable forgery can talk about abuses by the FBI during the investigation. However, about whether affected any corrections to the course of the investigation, not reported.

The TV channel did not specify what was the nature of the alleged fraud. No explanation also allowed this document to begin surveillance of the headquarters of the trump.

According to the TV station, the information concerning these suspicions may be included in the report, which plans to publish in December the inspector General of the U.S. Department of justice Michael Horowitz. The report will talk about the circumstances under which the us intelligence agencies in 2016 has begun investigation concerning the headquarters of the trump.

Trump and members of his administration repeatedly accused the US security officials that they were shadowing his campaign headquarters. Administration officials called to find out whether there were irregularities in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller.

The US President and his aides repeatedly rejected suspicions of any improper contacts with officials of the Russian Federation in the period of the election campaign.

Activities of FBI agents, began investigating alleged links campaign trump of Russia, is investigating on behalf of the Minister of justice Prosecutor John Durham.