Fears of immigration: the 8 attitudes that prevent you to move to another country

“I think that moving abroad is a pipe dream only available to the rich and successful. But emigration often interfere with the stereotypical fears. No money or do not know the language? Your problems are not unique, and the solution for them has been invented. To continue to be afraid or get out of the comfort zone — it’s up to you”? the author writes the blog “the Club of immigrants” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Страхи иммиграции: 8 стереотипов, которые мешают переехать в другую страну

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Language barrier. To move without knowing the local language is a risky step. Rent apartments, find work and even a trip to the store is impossible without a minimum of knowledge. But if you still do not know a foreign language, it is a problem of time and desire. To start with would be enough to enroll in language classes, watch movies in the original, and to communicate with foreigners in social networks. The basic emphasis do on practicality. Consider in what situations you need language, imagine a dialogue with a colleague, seller, landlord or friend. And most importantly, constantly apply what you learn.

Fear of other cultures. Looking about life in the country online or coming as a tourist, people see only the “tip of the iceberg” — national cuisine, costumes, music, dancing. Culture includes moral standards, and approach to problem solving, and relationships in society. You may think that this fear is not justified and to worry about it not worth it. But after living a few weeks in a new environment, can occur culture shock. Therefore it is very important mentally ready for life in another country: see the video bloggers, chat in the forums with fellow immigrants and read the history of travel. People who have passed through the way immigration can help to avoid mistakes and to talk about the realities of life.

The matter of money. With no money and really nowhere. Even with a grant for education or employment agreement, will require investment. But what if all the expenses will pay off with the first salary or you will receive a diploma that will open many doors? You need to weigh whether there will be costs. Include in the budget all the little things, from translation of documents to paying for Parking. Once you determine the amount, calculate how much time you need to make a move.

The lack of work. To find an employer to a foreigner is really difficult. It is much cheaper to take a local, who does not need to prepare extra documents. But good professionals are needed everywhere, so do not despair. And some companies are even looking for Russian speakers. Let’s see how in demand your profession, what are the requirements and how much you can really earn. Don’t forget that studying is never too late and for moving you can learn a new profession.

The fear of being alone. Well, when moving the whole family, but what about one person? Evening in solitude, lack of communication and friendship with foreigners is not going well — it all catches up depression. The solution is to try to live in another city without family and friends. Another option is to chat with fellow. Believe me, abroad many Russian speakers, who are also looking for company.

Difficult process of registration of documents. A residence permit is not easy to obtain — need a good reason and a huge package of papers. And if you miss one document, the results will be denied. As a result, lost time and money. But really, it’s not as bad as described, and just never turn anyone away. Don’t know where to start? Write to the Embassy they will advise and list of documents for free.

Age. If you think to immigrate too late or too early, then you are mistaken. No country does not impose age restrictions, so everyone has a chance. Just graduated from high school? Why not enroll in a foreign UNIVERSITY. Already retired? Suburban area can be exchanged for a small house in Bulgaria or Croatia.

The fear of xenophobia. Of course, feel like a stranger in a country not very nice. Especially when the locals are opposed to foreigners. First, do not be afraid of oblique views. Unless you move to Africa, to understand that you — a foreigner in appearance, local is unlikely. Secondly, the intolerant people exist in any country.

Start preparing for your move you can today. Until you act, your dreams will remain only dreams, and your fears will stay with you.


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