Feces and urine in the subway cars: residents of new York are sounding the alarm

In new York city was hundreds of complaints about the state of subway cars contaminated with human waste, discarded food and other garbage.

Фекалии и моча в вагонах метро: жители Нью-Йорка бьют тревогу

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Line F (Brooklyn to Queens) is one of the dirtiest in the city’s metro system, this year it has more than 120 complaints about dirty cars, including dozens on the presence of feces, according to the documents of the transport Department of new York, obtained The Post.

As of the end of August in line received 124 complaints about dirty cars, it is 16 more than 108, obtained for the entire 2018, and significantly more than 67 in 2015.

The list of problems includes more than 30 reports of human waste and more than 25 cases of vomiting in cars.

“The passenger threw feces on the car,” reads one of the March complaints.

“A homeless man in a wheelchair had a bowel movement in three cars,” reads another complaint for the same month.

The office has received several complaints about a man in a wheelchair who defecated on the subway. It is unclear whether all of these complaints are talking about the same person or of different people. However, these incidents reveal the growing crisis of homelessness affecting the metro system.

“A sick homeless man, all covered with insects,” — Said in one of April’s complaint.

“The customer spoils the car, throwing food and garbage all over seats, walls and floor,” complained one of the passengers in the subway in January.

Line Brooklyn-Queens the dirty subway new York city, but other lines are also often the cause of complaints of passengers. As of the end of August this year was registered 1 623 complaints against dirty subway cars throughout the MTA system. For the entire year 2018, the number of complaints amounted to 2058, in 2017 — 1504.

The transport Department of the city insists that the increase in the number of complaints does not reflect a deterioration of conditions in the metro, but rather about increasing the vigilance of passengers and improvement of the reporting Department.

ForumDaily previously reported that MTA work train diesel emit so much gas that on subway platforms contains twice as much carbon diesel pollution than in the air above the ground. The study showed that riding the subway in new York may increase the risk of cancer.