Federal agents used tear gas against the mayor of Portland

Federal agents used against the mayor of Portland (or) tear gas. He stood outside the court and supported the protest against the presence of Federal agents in the city, which sent the US President Donald trump, to suppress riots in the city. About it writes The Guardian.

Федеральные агенты применили слезоточивый газ против мэра Портленда

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Ted Wheeler, the mayor, a Democrat from Oregon, said it was the first time he felt the effect of the tear gas myself. He was a bit stunned, he who once gave the glasses to protect his eyes, he coughed and drank a lot of water, but did not budge.

Wednesday, July 22, in Oregon, was held to protest. Protesters lit a large fire near the court building. Federal agents sent into the crowd with tear gas and stun grenades. It was not immediately clear whether knew agents that Wheeler was in the crowd when they used tear gas.

The mayor spoke out against the presence of Federal agents in the largest city of Oregon, but was heavily criticized, and his presence was not welcomed by many, who shouted and swore at him.

“I want to thank the thousands of you who spoke out against the occupation of the city administration, trump said Wheeler hundreds of people gathered in the center of the city. — The reason this is important is that it happens not only in Portland”

Some Portland residents, including members of the city Council, accused Wheeler that he does not control local police, who repeatedly used tear gas before Federal agents came in response to almost two months of protests following the murder of George Floyd.

Others, including business leaders, condemned Wheeler because he had not taken the situation under control until the agents.

Protesters in the crowd held a sign reading “Tear Gas Ted” in connection with the use of tear gas by the Portland police before the arrival of Federal agents. When the mayor left the protest, some protesters surrounded him and shouted at him when he left.

Wheeler has been criticized for the actions of his own police Department, which defended the local police and did not protect people from Federal agents.

Wheeler then turned to the crowd and said, “I’m here tonight to stand with you.”

Earlier on Wednesday, July 22, the city Council forbade the police to cooperate with Federal agents or to arrest reporters or legal monitors.

The emergence of Wheeler on the protest happened a few hours after the attorneys for the state of Oregon urged the judge to issue a decree that would prohibit Federal agents in town.

The arguments from the state was filed in the court at the suit of the attorney General of Oregon, Ellen Rosenblum, who accused the Federal agents to arrest demonstrators without cause and using excessive force. Federal authorities dispute the charges.

Trump announced that Federal agents will be sent to Chicago, and Albuquerque, new Mexico, to combat the growing crime. Democrats mayors of the 15 cities condemned the use of Federal agents.




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