Federer called the reason why he in recent years, fails to win the tournament “Grand slam”

Федерер назвал причину, по которой ему в последние годы не удается выиграть турнир "Большого шлема"

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic

The living legend of tennis, ex-first racket of the world Roger Federer shared his thoughts on his game in recent years.

In particular, the Swiss, a record of which won a record 20 tournaments of “Grand slam” in singles, told why he in recent years failed to win any major.

“When you look at the years during which I didn’t won the tournament “Grand slam”, a lot like I played terrible. I had a rough 2013. Sore back after Indian wells, I have been in pain all summer.

To be honest, I think it was a time of Novak Djokovic”, – quotes the 38-year-old Federer Tennis World USA.

“And Rafa Nadal won the “Roland Garros”, as we all know. So it was very hard to beat. I think I continued to move forward, because it was very close to victory. We had a great team, I never lost motivation,” said Roger.

Recall the last time Federer won the tournament “Grand slam” almost 2.5 years ago, triumviraat in Melbourne in 2018.