Felicity Huffman: how is she feeling after prison

Felicity Huffman completed his prison sentence, which was due to his involvement in the scandal of College for her daughter, namely bribery. Source and concurrently close the actress revealed her plans for the future.

Фелисити Хаффман: как она себя чувствует после завершения тюремного заключения

Felicity Huffman was spotted at Burbank airport together with her husband William H. Macy, 69 years, a few hours after his release from prison on 25 October. 56-year-old actress once again became a free woman after serving time in the Federal correctional institution in Dublin, CA due to their participation in the scandal of admission to the College of her daughter. A source close the actress “Desperate Housewives”, in an exclusive interview said one of the publications reported that felicity feels “liberated” after serving 11 days 14 days imprisonment.
“Felicity is very happy that she was sentenced to prison, and she just wants to focus on the life her family wants to move on with, finally, a clear conscience,” — said the insider. “The felicity is still a lot of work on a voluntary basis, and she is still on probation, but that part of her sentence, which she feared most of all, behind.” Felicity pleaded guilty in may of multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit fraud, bribery official, confirming that she paid 15,000 dollars to someone who could fix an introductory work, her daughter Sophia, age 19, on examination at the College Board. With the result that the PSAT rating jumped 400 points.

“Felicity can breathe a sigh of relief when the prison portion of her sentence finished, but she knows she still has a lot of work,” added her PAL. “Currently the number one priority for felicity is staying with family and get back to normal routine. All she wants is that everything is back to how it was before all this happened. She will return to work on his career, but at the moment she needs a break.”
Felicity, who also shares custody with the actor of the movie “Shameless” over the 17-year-old daughter Georgia Macy, was sentenced to prison along with a fine in the amount of 30 000 USD, 250 hours of community service and a year of probation. Although felicity was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment, she was released two days early because of the provisions of the Federal rules.

Joseph B. Simons, state attorney for Massachusetts, said that “Prisons often prefer to release the prisoners during the working week. There is a provision allowing the release of anyone on Friday if its release is scheduled for the weekend. In the case of felicity Huffman her release is scheduled for Sunday, October 27, 2019. To keep her until Monday (28 October) would be illegal, so the release on Friday allows the prison to handle her release on a weekday”.