Female friendship: Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham at the party at Sotheby’s in London

Girlfriend met at a party in London.

Дружба женская: Ева Лонгория и Виктория Бекхэм на вечеринке Sotheby's в Лондоне

Last week Eva Longoria spent in Paris, and yesterday it was captured at the airport with his son Santi, when she flew to London. To change the scenery of the fashion capital, the actress decided to support her best friend Victoria Beckham at the party, which she held jointly with the house of Sotheby’s. Being an avid collector, Victoria was a partner of the celebration of the 275th anniversary of the existence of the auction.

Victoria Bechamel to a party and the husband of Victoria David Beckham, who supported her not only with his presence but by the way, in perfect harmony with her own. Before the event Victoria gave a great interview to celebrate the launch of its first makeup line Victoria Beckham Beauty, which told that her husband regularly steals something from her purse. However, at the party at Sotheby’s no trace of make-up in the brutal character of David has not been traced.