Ferrari has threatened to leave Formula 1 due to the reduction of the limit on budgets

"Феррари" пригрозила покинуть Формулу-1 из-за снижения лимита на бюджеты

Mattia Binotto

The head of Motorsport Ferrari in Formula 1 Mattia Binotto stated that he did not like the prospect of a further reduction of the limit on budgets in Formula 1.

Now the owners of the Formula 1 American mass media Corporation Liberty Media is studied variant with restrictions in 145 million dollars. in 2021 and consistent declining to 130 million by 2022.

“The ceiling is 145 million dollars. is a new and demanding request in comparison with what was established in June of last year, The Guardian quoted Binotto. – This cannot be achieved without further significant casualties, especially from the point of view of our human resources.”

Pandemic coronavirus affected the finances in the sport, but the Italian-Swiss expert not recommend to make hasty decisions and considers that the proposed reduction of the budgets of the teams may devalue the “Royal racing” as the pinnacle of Motorsport.

“If the threshold will be even lower, we don’t want to look for other future options for the realization of our racing DNA,” clearly signaled to the team leader of Scuderia Ferrari.