Festival d'été de Québec: workers needed to dismantle the site

Québec's d’&été; mount the site


Even if the labor shortage didn't hit the Summer Festival too hard, there are still a few skilled workers needed to dismantle the site as soon as activities end on Sunday.< /strong>

After two years of pandemic, the staff was very happy to reconnect with the event and there were not many holes to fill, but some teams will still buckle up a little at the last minute.

The FEQ is not yet complete as management posted an announcement yesterday asking for assistance.

“We are looking for heavy machinery operators to help us close the event and complete the dismantling,” said the organizers.

Candidates must have their Zoom Boom card to operate masted forklifts telescopic.

Confident of finding the rare pearls, the FEQ is experiencing a slight stress, which most people in the field of events experience.

For example, Gestev, which specializes in the organization and management of events in Quebec City, frequently publishes job offers before certain activities.

Four or five people< /strong>

Currently, the positions to be filled at the FEQ are found in the field operations division.

“Like everyone else, we suffered an impact, but we did relatively well. Every time we called everyone, people reacted a lot. For dismantling, we need four or five people,” said Samantha McKinley, Vice-President of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs.

This type of machinery operator remains a little more difficult to find.

“There may be a little less. It is a specific trade and there are not too many of them. We activated a battery of parallel networks to find the people we needed. Human resources have made a big effort”, underlines the spokesperson.

An attraction for the Festival

The attractiveness of the FEQ, always good alive, has helped to make up for the shortage in the industry.

“People still take vacations to come and collaborate with the FEQ. It is an adventure for ten days. It really works in our favour,” concludes Ms. McKinley.

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