Fever, vomiting and passing out the test vaccine COVID-19 told about his health

Volunteer test vaccines against coronavirus reported that he felt “sick as never in my life”, but said that it is still “cautiously optimistic” estimates the potential of the drug, writes the New York Post.

Лихорадка, рвота и обморок: испытатель вакцины от COVID-19 рассказал о своем самочувствии

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29-year-old Ian Haydon called himself one of the four volunteers, who demonstrated a poor response during trials of the drug from the manufacturer Moderna, which the company described as efficient from the point of view of the immune response.

Communications Manager from Seattle, said that he developed a fever a few hours after the second dose. Dose received, the man went home, where he laid down to sleep. Early in the morning he woke up with a fever 103.2 degrees Fahrenheit (39,5 Celsius).

Apart from the heat he felt nausea and pain in the muscles. His girlfriend called the-hour hot line created by the leaders of the study. She was advised to take Ian to the emergency room, where the pair went at 5 am.

Haydon said he refused hospitalization and instead returned home, taking an antipyretic. After a few hours of sleep his temperature was still high of 101.5 f (38.6 billion Celsius). At that moment, he felt so bad that he threw up in the bathroom.

Returning to the bedroom, Ian fainted. Fortunately, nearby there was his girlfriend which made him hit his head on the floor.

After repeated call to the doctors, he still decided to stay home and rest. In the end, the temperature that night dropped to normal.

Initially, Hayden was hiding how bad he was, telling reporters only that he had “things go wrong in 24 hours”.

He is wary to disclose a terrible state, which was because she was afraid to “provoke antivaxers” (opponents of vaccination — ed.).

“I understand that, by telling this story, I’m scaring some people, he said. — I hope it’s not fuelled a General antagonism to vaccines in General or even to the vaccine.”

Лихорадка, рвота и обморок: испытатель вакцины от COVID-19 рассказал о своем самочувствии

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He stressed that received the largest dose during the test is 10 times stronger than the other — but he said that such a dose “will no longer test”.

“There are no failures — this is the main reason we do clinical trials — he insisted on Twitter. — Even safe drugs can not be taken in 10-fold doses”.

Ian also insisted on the fact that no matter how bad he may be, his condition never become life-threatening.

“The tests are over and I’m back training for a marathon,” he said, adding that even after the experience remains “cautiously optimistic” about the vaccine from the test.

“Vaccines are the most important drugs that we have. It is important to thoroughly test them — that’s going on here, — he wrote. — What I went through pales in comparison with the hospitalization of about COVID-19 or loss of a loved one due to the pandemic,” he said.

In a study conducted jointly with the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, involved 45 patients aged 18 to 55 years. Initial results showed that the levels of antibodies created by the drug, was equal to or exceeded the levels found in patients who have recovered from COVID-19.

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel describe the achieved results as “better than ever”.


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