FIFA has opened proceedings against “Dynamo” and German “Borussia”

ФИФА открыла производство против "Динамо" и немецкой "Боруссии"

The international football Federation (FIFA) has opened disciplinary proceedings on the fact of non-payment of FC “Dynamo Kiev” payment solidarity Chernihiv school “Youth” for the transfer of Andriy Yarmolenko in the German FC “Borussia” (Dortmund). About it reports “Censor.”

The applicant in the FIFA maternal school football player Andrey Yarmolenko – Specialized detsko-youthful school of the Olympic reserve on football “Youth” (Chernigov). Both of FC “Dynamo Kiev” and “Borussia” are in the defendants.

“Opening this fact disciplinary proceedings, FIFA has notified defendants in the face of “Borussia” and “Dynamo” on the need to pay off the Chernihiv school debt in the amount of 301 euros 578,95 (22,92% of the solidarity contribution payable)”, – notes the edition, publication of the appropriate documents to FIFA.

Transfer Yarmolenko took place in August 2017. Its total cost amounted to 25 million euros of LLC “Football club “Dynamo” (Kiev) (Ukraine) together with created their own offshore company “Dynamo Kiev” (Cyprus) LTD has received from Borussia Dortmund.

Parent school Yarmolenko had to get from FC “Dynamo” (Kiev) the payment of solidarity in the amount of about 300 thousand euros. However, for unknown reasons, the part of the said payment of solidarity in the amount of 150 thousand euros Dynamo in January 2018 wrongly listed public organization “Chernihiv regional football club “Yunost”, which has nothing to DYUSSH “Youth” is irrelevant.

“Thus, due to the fact that FC “Dynamo Kiev” still not paid “Youth” solidarity payment for the transfer of Konoplyanka, “Borussia” (Dortmund) appeared in the center of the international soccer scandal and the person involved in the investigation of FIFA,” notes “Censor”.

Add that mutual understanding with Dynamo Director of the parent school Yarmolenko – Prokopovich Gennadiy tried to find repeatedly. However, in the Kiev club numerous appeals and requests Prokopovich to pay the solidarity payment for Yarmolenko ignore for two years.

Moreover, fraud with 150 thousand Euro from “Dynamo” on account of the clone school “the Youth “public organization “Club of Youth” – Natspolitsiya investigating a criminal case.

Recall that yesterday Andriy Yarmolenko celebrates its birthday.