FIFA is working on a “Marshall plan” for combating the effects of coronavirus

ФИФА работает над "планом Маршалла" по борьбе с последствиями коронавируса

FIFA is working on the details of the “plan Marshall football” to cope with the financial consequences of a pandemic coronavirus, according to Reuters.

The organization has $ 2.7 billion to help the world football to cope with the crisis, says the publication.

To do this, the governing body of world football has established a working group to study variety of problems arising in connection with the suspension of the national Championships and other world tournaments as a result of the pandemic.

It is expected that FIFA will focus on ways the organization can help to maintain liquidity for those national associations that face serious financial problems in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus.

The situation in the world “threatens to destroy and undermine the ability of member associations of FIFA and other football organizations to develop, Fund, and conduct football activities at all levels, including professional, Amateur and youth”, – quotes the representative of the FIFA edition.

It is noted that worldwide, a large number of players, both men and women will remain in an extremely difficult economic conditions.

The exact format and details of this aid has not yet been determined, but noted that further consultations will be held with member associations, the FIFA continental confederations and other stakeholders.

Recall the election campaign of the future President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino in 2016 included plans for distributing the resources of the organization. “The money FIFA is your money, not the money of the President of FIFA,” said the Swiss.

We add that the working group of the FIFA assesses proposals to existing contracts for players and coaches should be extended until the end of the deferred domestic football seasons.

The document recommended that FIFA has used its newly established “Fund for professional players” to alleviate any difficulties faced by clubs.