FIFA issued a circular regulating the transfers of players in terms of coronavirus

ФИФА издала циркуляр, регулирующий вопросы трансферов игроков в условиях коронавируса

FIFA has issued a document regulating the legal consequences in football, resulting from the forced pause due to pandemic coronavirus, reported on the official website of FIFA.

In particular, the decision of the organization, special attention is paid to issues of contract players and the future of the transfer window.

It is noted that the validity of the contracts of players with clubs that were settled before the end of the football season (30 June) shall be extended and remain in place as long as the current season will not be finished.

Accordingly, the term of the new contracts will take effect only from the moment of the factual start of next season.

As for the summer transfer window, FIFA will allow you to make transfers during the break between seasons, the timing of which can be shifted.

FIFA also advised the clubs to resolve the issue regarding the wage cuts. In case of conflict, the decision on termination of labor contracts will be made in the prescribed manner taking into account various factors, among which we consider:

  • it was the attempt of the club to reach an agreement with the player;
  • the economic condition of the club;
  • proportionality in terms of changes in the contracts of the players;
  • net income after changes in contracts;
  • the question of equal treatment of all players.

In connection with the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 seasons in most of the world Championships suspended indefinitely.