FIFA plans to ban the footballers spitting during matches

ФИФА планирует запретить футболистам плевки во время матчей

FIFA can ban players spitting during matches at the resumption of the Championships in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, reports the Daily Mail.

The chief medical officer of FIFA, Michel D hug, commented on the initiative of the football organization, claiming that the players can obtain from the judges a warning and a yellow card for spitting on the field, because the saliva that remains on the field for hours, and can spread coronavirus infection.

“It is common practice in football (spit – approx., and it is not very hygienic”, – quotes D hug edition.

And the medical functionary added that when approaching the restart of the season the players will have to change of behavior on the field for reasons of health and safety.

In addition, players are encouraged to abandon the conventional football rituals such as the exchange of form after the match and shake hands before and after matches.