Fight and flight: the new video presents the sixth part of “Terminator”

31 October in Ukraine be released in the next, the sixth film of the legendary franchise — Terminator: Fate.

Бой и полет: представлен новый ролик шестой части «Терминатора»

“The blood in the body rejoices,/Pours burning hot sweat /Here forge metal”

The right word – it would be interesting to have a time machine (there it is) and look at the beginning of the 1990s. Just to try to learn how the producer Mario Kassar managed to convince the Director James Cameron to remove from the final cut of the film Terminator 2: judgement day the finale, in which an elderly Sarah Connor sits in a peaceful 2029-m and looks like playing on the Playground with her granddaughter, and adult John Connor. If then the Creator of the Terminator to insist on and it would be quite a finished duologue – a steadfast classic sci-Fi Thriller. However, something happened, what happened, and to real-2019-mu franchise through sequels have grown to enormous sizes. More or less successful is considered to be only the fourth part of salvation. And then this movie, with brutally serious faces of Sam Worthington and Christian Bale was good by Hollywood standards a dystopia, but the General spirit of the original novels (not to mention the lack of Arnold Schwarzenegger) was stripped completely. The third part, the rise of the machines (one long and pointless chase with a blonde-haired beast-terminatorshey performed by Kristanna Loken), or the fifth part, the Genesis (with excellent jokes old Schwarzenegger and unconvincing in the role of combat nyashi Emilia Clarke) and say nothing.

However, since this film flopped at the box office miserably, the rights to the franchise back to Cameron. But he’s busy filming endless sequels of Avatar, was limited to producers and Directors called Tim Miller (who directed the earlier first part of Deadpool). Schwarzenegger (and his eternal frenemy Stallone) in recent years, vigorously shaking the old man was right there. Added a picture of veterans Linda Hamilton, who returned to the role of Sarah Connor.

Бой и полет: представлен новый ролик шестой части «Терминатора»

“Hard work, male/Stand every /Just who this soul/ clear as crystal”

Generally, of course, in an ironic sense, Terminator: Fate could easily be used as an argument for raising the retirement age. And Schwarzenegger and Hamilton, despite the venerable and gray play quite briskly and sometimes even with a twinkle. But, it is quite logical that here they are in the role of wedding generals. At the forefront of the plot is strong, determined and independent woman – soldier of the future grace (Mackenzie Davis as though coming with advanced gadgets body from the game Deus Ex) and “simple” girl (of course, chosen by fate as leadershi people in the coming war against the machines) Dani Ramos (Natalie Reyes).

Бой и полет: представлен новый ролик шестой части «Терминатора»

In fact, in terms of the plot and its presentation to the sixth Terminator little surprise. The rebels again the evil machine sent from the future cyborg assassin (this time, Gabriel Luna), to erase from the face of the Earth the commander of the resistance in the early years. Again, it is almost neubivaemoy and the main characters struggling, trunks, guns and other things trying to eliminate it. Again without injury, damage, blood loss and emotional scenes for “perturbation” of the audience.

Бой и полет: представлен новый ролик шестой части «Терминатора»

“If suddenly you could not stand/We don’t ask twice/Go away /Here forge metal”

However, it seems, and Miller and Cameron knew — never would they have failed to make a movie so innovative and breakthrough what once was judgment day. Well, as the current Hollywood just so busy that exploits the nostalgia of the audience and old ideas, their attempt to break into a common stream and fuck your piece of the benefits the language of blame is not rotated. Action brisk, the special effects, though nasopalatine, but sturdily built, grace (though she lacks the charisma Hamilton) in the original t-shirt, drunk the Sarah Connor jumping, fighting and flaunts muscles quite convincing. In the negative it is only possible to record not very convincing metamorphosis from Dani strong, but simpleton to sparkling eyes of leadershi.

Overall, Terminator: Fatum quite a fine entertainment for the evening killing time in the cinema. But in the annals of popular cinema he’s not going to happen for sure. But such a task, it seems, were not.

The title is a quote from the Romance of naval officers, a rock-Opera Juno and Avos by author Andrei Voznesensky.