Fighter against illegal immigration in the United States has accused Facebook and Twitter in an attempt ‘to silence her’

The mother of the Sergeant of police of the city of Mesa, which in 2014 was killed in a head-on collision by a drunk illegal, he was punished by Facebook for speaking out against the cities of refuge and illegal immigration.

Борец с нелегальной иммиграцией в США обвинила Facebook и Twitter в попытке ‘заставить ее замолчать'

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Mary Ann Mendoza said that the social networking giant has removed two of its post this week, claiming that it violated “community Standards for hate,” reports Breitbart News.

The platform also demonetized her page “Angel Families” — an organization that helps to provide resources to friends and families of legal immigrants and Americans who were killed by illegals.

In one of the publications it was noted that “every year, illegal immigrants kill thousands of innocent Americans,” according to the screenshot obtained by Breitbart News.

The post also mentioned the concerns of U.S. representative Nancy Pelosi about whether Guatemala “to cope with the migration transaction, consistent with the administration of the trump.”

In the second post Mendoza was quoted news article about the devastating crimes committed by illegals against Americans. In addition to deleting messages, Facebook temporarily blocked the ability of women to post on his page “Angel Families”, she told Breitbart News.

According to Mendoza, Facebook permanently deleted the button “donations” page “Angel Families , explained to her that he did it due to “repeated breach of the principles of their community,” reports Breitbart News.

The mother of the deceased police officer claims that organizations such as “United We Dream”, sponsored by George Soros, are still allowed to collect donations through the Facebook platform, although it criticizes the immigration and customs security of the United States.

In July, as reported by Breitbart News, the account of Mendoza’s Twitter account was blocked after she published a series of reports of illegal aliens and the dangers of the policy of the city of refuge.

In another post, Mendoza appealed to the Director of immigration rights Clinic of the law faculty of Columbia University in Elora Mukherjee.

Mendoza said the post Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi that “Americans die every hour from illegals-criminals. Every hour”.

In the end, Twitter sent her a message stating that her messages contradict the “standards statements” of the platform, and demanded that she deleted them, if you want to resume using the account, said Mendoza in an interview with Breitbart News.

The social media platform has named six of its stations “hateful content”, although she has done similar posts in the past five years, said Mendoza in an interview with FOX News.

After her account on Twitter was blocked, Mendoza had posted pictures of their tweets on his account on Facebook.

“And then Facebook will put me in jail, she said. — They are cowardly come with the conservative people who are calling our Congress accountable”.

“There were people writing me on Twitter: your son deserves to die! Hope you will die just like my son, at the hands of drunken illegal immigrant, she said. — I have reported them to Twitter, and Twitter did nothing about this. It’s hatred.”

President Donald trump tweeted that Mendoza “must never remain silent,” and called on Twitter to stop to punish her.

Mendoza struggled with the ban on Twitter over a month before she finally “relented and removed” posts, she told Breitbart News.

32-year-old Sergeant Mendoza just passed the watch on 12 may 2014 and returned home when there was a deadly frontal crash.

Борец с нелегальной иммиграцией в США обвинила Facebook и Twitter в попытке ‘заставить ее замолчать'


His killer, Raul Silva-Corona, right before I crashed into the Sergeant drove on several freeways in the wrong direction about 30 miles , according to KNXV. Silva-Corona was also killed in a car accident.