Fighting COVID-19 in Ukraine: Metinvest and its shareholders sent about 500 million

Борьба с COVID-19 в Украине: «Метинвест» и его акционеры направили около 500 млн

The company plans to continue to provide support to the country until the epidemic is defeated.

International vertically integrated mountain-metallurgical group “Metinvest” and its shareholders since the beginning of the distribution in Ukraine coronavirus infection sent her to fight about 500 million UAH.

This was reported by General Director of “Metinvest” Yuri Ryzhenkov during a press conference at the international airport “Borispol”, dedicated to the arrival in Kiev from China aircraft loaded with humanitarian supplies to counter the spread of COVID-19, the flight of which was paid by the company “Metinvest”.

“My first days involved in the fight against coronavirus in Ukraine. During this time we restored the infectious Department in the cities of presence, supplied with oxygen, supplied ventilators, tests, laboratories, equipment and protective devices for physicians. Already today, if you take the charitable contributions for the last three months from our shareholders and the company itself, this figure is close to 500 million hryvnia,” — said the chief.

In Borispol the plane arrived APU with humanitarian cargo from China

He noted that very important for the company to support the Ukrainian government and residents in preventing the spread of infection. Therefore, the company plans to continue to provide such support until the pandemic is defeated.

Also, the CEO said that since the beginning of the spread of infection, the company has taken all necessary measures to preserve the health of their employees.

“We’ve translated almost 90% of office employees to remote work. In this mode they are working and still. We have also established the necessary disinfection procedures in the workplace, and in transport, delivering our employees to work. Our workers are supplied with masks on a daily basis. We have also established the necessary measures temperature screening, symptomatic screening to rapidly identify potential cases,” said Ryzhenkov.

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He noted that such measures were effective, as of the nearly 80 000 staff members got sick with only 50 people.

“Today the situation in the group “Metinvest” controlled across the group, a little less than 50 people had been ill of the nearly 80,000 employees. Today three more people stay with positive tests, but I’m sure they will soon recover,” said Ryzhenkov.

The group Metinvest is an international vertically integrated mining and metallurgical group of companies, is the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in the CIS producer of iron ore and steel.