Filmed a video for the adults with 2-year-old daughter: a Ukrainian woman in the US was sentenced to 20 years in prison


The Ukrainian, who pornorolikov with his 2-year-old daughter and sending them his 50-year-old boyfriend in the United States, received 20 years in prison. This writes

Снимала видео для взрослых с 2-летней дочкой: украинку в США приговорили к 20 годам тюрьмы

Photo: Depositphotos

From Kiev Elena Kalchenko, which at the time of the crime was 27 years old, shooting pornorolikov with his two year old daughter. The video she sent to her 50-year-old boyfriend from the USA, the realtor is Joseph Valerio.

“He paid a Ukrainian juicy videos. The investigators found that the woman received $8 thousand in 20 short clips and got $12 thousand for the disk which contained the candid video with the child. This disc, a woman sent to her boyfriend by mail. When porn came out, it took the FBI”, — told the correspondent of the TV channel.

Valerio was arrested almost immediately and sentenced to 60 years in prison. To hold Elena, it had to lure in the United States: a woman reported the arrest of Valerio, said that in her best interest to come and testify against the men, and as soon as Kiev stepped off the plane in new York, she was arrested.

It is noted that the court in respect of Ukrainka lasted several years, and now she was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment followed by deportation to Ukraine.