Filming of the film Cœur de slush: The challenge of seducing teenagers

Shooting the movie Heart of Slush: The Challenge of Seducing Teens< /p> UPDATE DAY

Films for teens are not legion in Quebec cinematography. With Coeur de slush, the film adaptation of Sarah-Maude Beauchesne's best-selling novel, Mariloup Wolfe has given herself the mission of directing a feature film that will succeed in attracting young audiences to theatres. 

Meet Thursday afternoon on the set of the film, in Calixa-Lavallée, the director of Arlette and de Jouliks agreed that the challenge was enormous, given the fact that young Quebecers consume little Quebec culture.  

“It's an age group that goes very little to the cinema and we don't have the budgets for a Marvel production to stimulate young people,” observes Mariloup Wolfe, who herself has already played in one of the rare films for Quebec teens, On your marks… Party!, released in 2006. 

“My duty as a director is to be as realistic as possible and to stay close to young people in terms of their looks, their expressions and their musical styles. But the main thing is still the emotions and the truth. It's up to me to do my best to transpose that to the screen and then we'll cross our fingers when the film comes out.”

In filming since September 6, Heart of slushtells the story of Billie (Liliane Skelly), a 16-year-old teenager who falls in love with a young cyclist prodigy (Joseph Delorey), who has also fallen in the eye of her big sister, Annette (Camille Felton). Sarah-Maude Beauchesne (Fork) herself wrote the screenplay for this film adapted from her autobiographical novel, published in 2014 and sold more than 30,000 copies.

“It's really a strange experience and emotional to see this novel that I wrote materialize before my eyes, confides the author. Slush Heart, it goes so far. It is the genesis of my career, but it is also the story of a time when I was a teenager who did not yet know herself and who had many doubts. I feel so lucky to be able to relive that through a camera. I try to savor it every day”.

A sequel in the works

Having succeeded in seducing young people with her novel, Sarah-Maude Beauchesne hope the movie does the same. 

“There are not many, in Quebec, films that make teens want to drop their cellphones and go to the cinema to experience emotions, she underlines. For us, it was important at each stage to say to ourselves: would teenagers like to see this? Will they find it cool and believable? My dream is for them to go to the cinema as a gang, buy each other slush and popcorn, and laugh and cry while watching the film.”

Convinced by the energy emanating from the film set, producer Christian Larouche (Confessions) did not wait long before give the green light to Sarah-Maude Beauchesne to write a sequel to the adventures of Billie. This second film will be adapted from the novels Lèche-vitrines and Maxime, volumes 2 and 3 of the trilogy Coeur de slush.

“It's such a fun universe that after two days of filming, I told Sarah-Maude to start writing the sequel, says the producer. The first film will be released next summer and I would ideally like the sequel to be released two years later.”

The shooting of Heart of Slush continues until October 20 . The film will be released next summer.