Films that can win the audience award at TIFF (PHOTOS)

Фильмы, которые могут выиграть Приз зрительских симпатий на TIFF (ФОТО)

Already this weekend at the International Toronto film festival (TIFF) will be chosen painting, which will get the audience award. Here are the movies that claim to the award:

Marital history (Marriage Story)
Drama about divorce, Noah Baumbach that will show us the impeccable Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. In Venice at the film festival, the film was not received as much recognition as it is here in Toronto. And even if we get our vote, it will in any case get the lists for an Oscar.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood (A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood)
Tom Hanks plays Mr. Rogers (and the critics are already calling it the best role of the actor), and your tears will flow across my face, even if you are the most harsh person in the world. Judging by ticket sales, is the “hottest” film this year at TIFF.

Rabbit Jojo (Jojo Rabbit)
This story is dizzy with anticipation – this is a story about a child who is going to help a young girl, but must first seek advice from your imaginary friend, Hitler. With Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson, rebel Wilson, this black Comedy can be very sharp.

Waves (Waves)
Emotional and powerful film Trey Edward Shultz. Almost experimental form, which may seem strange to the average viewer, but still can attract.

Metal sound (Sound of Metal)
This choice seems a real opening, with Reese Ahmed in the role of a drummer, lose their hearing, the picture may be the best of what is presented at the festival. Yes, the film is a bit long and hard in the final act, but it’s worth it.

Would not be surprising if this film will prove to be the best at the festival. And he is definitely the best of the best. The story of a strange incident that happened in the family. At the Cannes film festival was appreciated by a Palm branch.

Judy (Judy)
What a festival without the biopic? Directed by Rupert gold and actress Renee Zellweger in the role of legend Judy garland – faded stars, which you need in England to start a new life. With lots of song and dance this can be one more push for the legacy to Judy, and for your own career Zellweger, for example, in receiving the Oscar.

Uncut gems (Uncut Gems)
Producer Martin Scorsese, actor – Adam Sandler, crime Thriller brothers Safdi. Can this movie turn out bad? Or he will take home the top award of viewers?

Ford vs Ferrari (Ford vs Ferrari)
The story of how in the 1960s from scratch had to do a brand new sports car, able to outrun a Ferrari — the undefeated champion of the 24-hour endurance race of Le Mans.

Joker (Joker)
Gotham, the beginning of the 1980-ies, the transformation of comedian Arthur Fleck, living with her sick mother in the Joker. Trying to bring the world of good and make people happy, Arthur is faced with human cruelty. Many critics are already predicting Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar for the role in this film.