Financial assistance in connection with the coronavirus: money come on the account and the deceased

About 80 million Americans had to obtain financial assistance because of the coronavirus on April 15. But many have reported that when checking the payment status online, they found that the money was sent to the wrong account. About it writes USA Today.

Финансовая помощь в связи с коронавирусом: деньги приходят не на те счета и покойникам

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Events developed in a similar way for multiple people who have applied to the IRS via Twitter. They’ll send their contact details to the government portal tracking of payments, and the results show that the money was deposited on April 15.

But the account number was sent the money, did not coincide with the user’s account number.

“I was so embarrassed, said 23-year-old Amy Saldana. — I don’t know how they got this number.” Air works in Ontario (CA), it is planned to use a check to pay bills. “I was sick, so I have no salary,” added Eyre.

The IRS representative said that if you do not see the payment credited to your account, contact your Bank to verify that it was received. Also, check the last four digits of the Bank account associated with the payment.

It is unclear how many people this has happened to, although many turned to the IRS.

The IRS representative Jody Reynolds said she heard nothing about the receipts credited to a wrong Bank account and will deal with this issue.

25-year-old Thomas Krapin from new York planned to use part of the money to pay the rent. As soon as the Deposit appeared on the website, he “freaked out”.

“As soon as I pressed “send”, the number of the account to which they transferred the money, didn’t match any of mine. I called my Bank and there was nothing they could do,” said Specks.

Chris Rodriguez, a contractor from Lansing (Michigan), used the same Bank account for almost a decade, so he knew immediately that the numbers do not match.

“You’re happy, because waiting for the money. And when you check, and Bank account number don’t even come close,” said Rodriguez.

Reynolds said that people should contact their Bank if they think that the money was deposited in the wrong Bank account. She said people can also check the status of your transfer by reference.

If checks are sent to Bank accounts that do not correspond to the name of the person who is to receive the money, the check should be rejected by the Bank and returned to the IRS, according to Reynolds.

“Payment will not recover and just sit down here, said Reynolds. We turn around and cut them a paper check and make sure they get their money.”

Reynolds said people can update their Bank account via online office of the IRS, before sending checks, and the IRS will send out notices, “informing people about the status of their payment.”

Contact the IRS and report the problem

Douglas Johnson, Jr., financial and banking consultant from California, said taxpayers who believe that their cheques were sent to the wrong Bank account must contact the IRS via the web site office and report the problem.

“Everything will depend on the IRS as they will be able to track which account the money went,’ said Johnson. But the obligation of the taxpayer is to figure out where the money went”.

“It would be very logical if you could come to the IRS and giving them the correct account number and get their money,” added Johnson.

Anat of Admati, Professor of Finance and Economics at Stanford graduate school of business, said the question boils down to the responsibility of the government.

“It’s a massive operation, and let’s hope they know what they’re doing because people need the money,” said Admati.

In addition, the money came to the accounts of the already dead, says Fox News.

People across the country write in social networks that relatives of the victims have been notified of direct Deposit into the accounts of their deceased loved ones. Now these families are wondering what to do.

“We need to return these $1200?” said a widow whose husband died in 2019. She got the money and her late husband.

As of Wednesday, April 15, afternoon on the website of the internal revenue Service had no indication for erroneous payments sent to dead.

This is not the first such mistake. In 2009, the administration of President Barack Obama, in the stimulus program, designed to combat the great recession, made roughly about 89,000 checks for $250 dead or a prisoner in prison.

The audit, conducted in 2010 by the Office of the inspector General and the social security Administration, 71 688 of these checks were sent to dead. But 41 000 cheques issued at the time the error was returned, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Cashing checks to social security issued by someone else, is illegal in the United States, but rarely prosecuted for small amounts.

“At least one person has been prosecuted for cashing a check, not issued to him, one of the few fraud charges with state financial incentives”, — reported in the publication in 2010.

To minimize fraud, the social security Administration (SSA) consults with the so-called “main file death” to prevent fraud with identification.

However, the audit in 2010 showed that some cases of death were registered after the administration has certified payment incentives, and SSA “relied on questionable data” or not checked all the existing entries, such as “Numident for death information for”, which is used for the compilation of “Faya death.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that 2009 was not returned about $12 million in erroneously issued payments.



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