Financial losses of Americans due to coronavirus in a single picture: infographics

Nearly half of Americans faced with reduced income during a pandemic COVID-19, which caused a major economic downturn in the United States, second in size only to the great depression.

Финансовые потери американцев из-за коронавируса в одной картинке: инфографика

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A survey conducted by the company showed that 49% of adult US residents have felt the negative impact of coronavirus on their income. The most common cause of financial loss was fired, underpaid, forced leave or reduced work hours.

Among respondents who reported loss of income due to the pandemic, only 17% said it had returned to normal, 42% expect that it will return to pre-crisis levels in the next six months. 37% believe that it will take more than six months and 4% believe that their income will never recover completely.

Финансовые потери американцев из-за коронавируса в одной картинке: инфографика

Infographics: ForumDaily

The survey was conducted June 18-23 3 753 among adult Americans. His data indicate that from the reduction of income in most affected generation Z (ages 18 to 23 years), followed by Millennials (24-39 years) and generation X (40-55 years). In each of these groups of financial losses more than half of respondents, while the national average is 49%.

The majority of respondents expressed fears that another outbreak of coronavirus even more harm to their finances. 92% of those who are financially affected by the pandemic, suggest that the second wave will exacerbate their problems. Among those who COVID-19 did not create the financial difficulties, concerns about the economic impact of the second wave of the pandemic was expressed by 62%.


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