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Settling in a retirement home (RPA) is an important step in the life of aging people. If your parents are thinking of taking the step, here are some questions they should ask themselves to make sure they make the right choice.

In the opinion of Marc Fortin, CEO of the Regroupement Quebec des Résidences pour Aînés (RQRA), one of the first things to ask yourself is if you are really ready to move.

“It is essential to ask yourself the question, especially when you are in a relationship. Both spouses must want to change their life, because if opinions differ on this subject, it can end up causing friction,  he says.

Choosing a living environment</strong >

Another crucial question: where will the RPA be located?

Generally, parents will want to stay close to their children and friends. Living in an RPA close to expressways to facilitate visits may be another option. We must also ask ourselves if they prefer to live in an urban environment or in a peaceful environment removed from the intense activity of the city.

Of course, you also have to think in terms of budget and desired services. Are they autonomous people, do they need an attendant to help them with a few tasks of their daily life, or on the contrary do they need to provide several hours of care per day? Be aware that this will increase the bill. The same goes for meals: when you take them all to the dining room, it will necessarily cost more.

Care requirements will also guide the choice of RPA, because the he offer varies from one to another: while some offer care units for seniors with loss of autonomy, others are content with a nurse on site and access to a doctor on request. Again, you should clearly assess your needs.

“If one of the members of the couple has poorer health and requires increasing care, choosing an RPA with care units will allow both spouses to continue to live in the same residence”, specifies Mark Fortin. One can stay in the accommodation while the other will be cared for in another unit. This saves couples from having to experience heartbreaking separations. If you’re looking for assisted living homes In Culver City, CA and nearby areas, check out The Residences at Plainview here. You may also visit sites like for additional guidance.

The importance of the visit

When the list of potential RPAs is narrowed down to just a few, then it’s time to proceed with the visit. The latter is essential to feel the atmosphere that reigns in the independent living for seniors, to know if your parents feel comfortable there and can imagine themselves spending their next years there.

If some like tall buildings, others will prefer a smaller building with fewer residents. The decoration, the furnishings, the mobility  equipment such as Stairlifts, the style that emanates from the residence, everything is important.

“During the visit observe the people around you. Are they smiling and ready to start a conversation or on the contrary more withdrawn? You have to try to project yourself into this environment and ask yourself if you will feel good there,” advises Marc Fortin.

Also make sure that the maintenance of the premises is beyond reproach, that the staff is attentive to the needs of the residents, that the meals are appetizing and the menus varied. It is often possible to request a meal in the dining room. In doing so, you take the opportunity to strike up a conversation with your table neighbors to get their opinion on life in this residence. Check out sites like to get an idea of independent living for seniors and how they take care of your parents.

Other factors to consider

    < li dir=”auto”>Also take into consideration the surroundings of the residence. If your parents would like to have services nearby (grocery store, pharmacy, bank, medical clinic, park, library, etc.), check that they are accessible.

  • Review the list of activities offered. The range is varied (swimming pool, physical activity, painting, music, bowling, gardening, etc.), make sure to choose a residence offering those that really interest your parents.
  • You shouldn’t wait for a parent’s health to deteriorate too much before thinking about moving them to an assisted living in Kerrville, TX or nearby areas. This is a big change and the person will adapt more easily to their new environment if they are able to make friends there and are still relatively independent.
  • A common mistake is to choose a residence based on your own criteria and not on what is good for your parents. Let them express themselves during the visit!

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