Fines for lack of policy of the driver will increase

Be responsible for the absence of the insurance, Ukrainian drivers will not be, but the fines for lack of policy in principle will increase.

Штрафы за отсутствие полиса у водителя повысятся

This information appeared in the media, convey the Accents.

Thus, it is noted that these changes for drivers and other insured persons initiated the draft law “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles”.

Therefore, compensation in the offer document to increase as a result of death or moral damages. In the first case, it is up to 40 times the minimum wage, and the second to 15.

The bill also fixed the insurance sum. Regarding property 130 000 hryvnia, and about the life and health of the victim in the accident or accident — 260 000 hryvnia.

It is also noted that the new bill in addition, it reduces time of the decision on payment of the sum insured up to 60 days, not 90 as is happening now. On top of all the insurance payments that are “hanging” in the insurance companies are in this stage of bankruptcy or left the market, will be implemented in MTIBU. In this regard, the victims, without exception, will receive a set payment as a result of occurrence of the insured event.

This is not all. Drivers are also subject to liability for lack of insurance up to 50 non-taxable minimum. At the same time, check the policy will not be the same driver and through the electronic database.