Finland broke the world record for simultaneous presence in the sauna, people of different nationalities (PHOTO)

Финляндия побила мировой рекорд по одновременному пребыванию в сауне людей разных национальностей (ФОТО)

The world record for simultaneous presence in the sauna people the greatest number of ethnic groups installed on Thursday in Finland. This was reported present at the scene, the representative of the Guinness Book of records Glenn Pollard.

He “officially confirmed that the sauna at the same time there were people 101 nationalities”, reports TASS.

The massive hike in the steam room was held on the Finnish island of Suomenlinna, which can be reached from Helsinki by water bus. This was chosen as the world’s largest wood-burning sauna Finnish naval Academy, built in 1904.

In 2009 a world record in the category “the largest number of people of different nationalities in a sauna” has been given to the Finns. Then in the steam room at the same time came the representatives of 76 nationalities.

All participants in a joint trip to the sauna it was necessary to have a passport and your swimsuit. To be in the sauna had no more than five minutes. While inside allowed only one representative from each nationality depending on who has registered earlier.

The previous record belonged to China, and in 2013 there under the roof of one of the saunas gathered 99 people of different nationalities.

Suomi – record the number of various saunas. In the Republic with a population of 5.5 million inhabitants, there are, according to local statistics, over 3 million. As noted in the Finnish sauna society, it is an integral part of Finnish culture for the past 10 thousand years, and her visit is an important attribute of the holidays, including Christmas.

As established Finnish scientists, regular sauna use can reduce the risk of increased blood pressure. Based on the collected data, the experts determined that those who are two to three times a week, went to the steam room, a predisposition to increased pressure in the future was 24% lower than those who visited there only once a week. And those who go to the sauna four to seven times a week, this risk was lower by almost 50%.