Fire and riots broke out in a crowded refugee camp on the island of Lesbos, a woman died and a child (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Пожар и беспорядки вспыхнули в перенаселенном лагере беженцев на острове Лесбос, погибли женщина и ребенок (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

A woman and a child were killed in a fire in the center of the reception and identification of migrants and refugees “Moria” on the Greek island of Lesvos, according to local newspaper Protagon with reference to the mayor of the city of Mytilene Stratis of Cialis.

According to the Capital, five people were injured and were hospitalized. Edition of Proto Thema reports that a woman was also taken away by the medics, and the body of a child, emergency personnel are unable to access due to the outbreak in the camp of the riots.

The fire, according to police, began yesterday at about 16:45 (same as GMT). Some migrants set fire to the containers at the centre, where the refugees lived, then attacked firefighters and was not allowed to extinguish the fire. In addition, clashes with the police. Law enforcement authorities used to disperse the water. The center also sent two special forces unit of the police. Cialis told a local television station Alpha, the refugees burned the seven containers.

The migrants said that firefighters arrived too late and allegedly were not in a hurry to put out the fire, writes the BBC Russian service. The anti-riot police had to use tear gas. In 2018, the Agency for refugees, the UN urged the Greek authorities to carry waiting for decisions on asylum migrants from Lesvos to other places after the BBC told about the terrible conditions of their detention.

Lesbos flooded with migrants, local authorities have great difficulty coping with the resettlement of new arrivals. In Greece in recent weeks there has been a noticeable influx of refugees from neighboring Turkey. Nearly a million migrants, many of whom were fleeing war, Syrians, arrived from Turkey to the Greek Islands in 2015.

Currently at the center of “Moria” there are over 12 thousand people, although the camp can accommodate a maximum of 3 thousand workers. On the causes of riots are not reported: in 2016, about 70 residents of the camp from Pakistan and Bangladesh attacked the offices of the European office on asylum (EASO), in protest against the delay in processing of their applications. The attack occurred when officers conducted the interviews with asylum, in the end, the workers and migrants who came to the interview, had to be evacuated from the camp. According to police, migrants threw stones, installed in the camp containers, where mobile offices EASO and burned blankets and Molotov cocktails, destroying three buildings.