‘Fire, fire, fire!’: passengers wrote ‘a farewell message’ after the collision of aircraft with birds

Canadian budget airline Swoop apologized after shortly after takeoff due to a collision with a bird fired up the engine of one of its planes, and he made a forced landing, which frightened many passengers. A stunning turn of events caught the passengers by surprise, and some of them even wrote a “farewell message” close to the worst-case scenario.

'Огонь, огонь, огонь!': пассажиры писали 'прощальные сообщения' после столкновения самолета с птицами

Photo: Depositphotos

On the morning of 10 September, the Swoop 312 flight departed from the international airport of Abbotsford in British Columbia, when the plane struck several geese just a few minutes after takeoff. On Board the Boeing 737 aircraft was 176 passengers.

“When the plane rolled down the runway, we felt that we are faced with something,” said CTV News passenger Fadl Abu-Ghanem.

“The next thing I remember is the flame coming from the starboard engine… I also felt a very strong heat… I looked around in search of the stewardess couldn’t find her, so I just started screaming: “Fire, fire, fire! The right engine, fire right engine.”, continued Abu-Ghanem.

“It was very shocking, we did not expect — said the man. — I started to correspond with my mother saying “something is wrong with the plane. I love you.”

Passenger Donna-Lee Rayner also reported in Facebook that the show “smoke and the smell of burning” that motivated her to “start writing a farewell message in case the phone will be restored after the accident.”

Fortunately, in this incident no one was hurt and the plane returned safely and landed at the airport of departure. Later the captain and crew were thanked for their calm, quick action during the chaos.

“Thanks to our captain and crew for ensuring the safety of our travelers,” said Tuesday the representative of the airline.

Now the plane for inspection and maintenance.

The airline staff are working on coordinating new travel options for passengers affected by the collision and early planting.