Fire from Mogilev wanted to take a maternity leave instead of his wife, and he was fired

Пожарный из Могилева хотел уйти в декретный отпуск вместо жены, а его уволили

Now he defends their rights in court

Firefighter Anton Greeks from Mogilev wanted to go on maternity leave, when his family had a second child, a daughter Valeria. Wife Irina the decision approved. According to her, her current job (she was regional sales Manager) it was the prospect of career growth and salary increase. But my husband, after 16 years of service firefighter prospects of career advancement was not forthcoming, according to “the Present time”.

Formally, Belarus men can go on maternity leave, as in most European countries. The Belarusian Labour code States that the choice of the parent who will care for the child at the discretion of the family. But when Artem said at work that is going to take leave to care for a child, the certification Commission will simply not extend him a five-year contract.

Officially, the Commission referred to the fact that Greeks do not entirely coincide with their position. Artem did not agree:

“Hearing the description, I thought to myself, suppressed my merits and achievements. Looked like I have a mediocre, passive employee who violates the labor discipline and whose moral and work quality does not meet the requirements of the service”, – says Artem. And this despite the fact that the man has higher education (Mogilev machine building Institute, Institute of the Ministry of emergency situations), 16 years I served in the MOE and was awarded “excellence in service”.

Disagreeing with the non-renewal of the contract, the Greeks submitted to the MOE to court. According to him, the parts manual after learning about the lawsuit, I offered to take the petition to the court in exchange for a contract extension for a year. But the resolution to go on maternity leave he had not been given. In court, says Artyom, representatives of the fire Department referred to the fact that the duties of firefighters are not regulated by the Labour code and the Regulation on service in bodies of emergency situations. And in it there is a clause which says that a social leave to care for a child “may be given” at the discretion of management.

Пожарный из Могилева хотел уйти в декретный отпуск вместо жены, а его уволили

The court of first instance Artem lost: the court’s decision did not oblige the employer to grant him maternity leave. But the family plans to appeal the decision to the regional court and other higher courts. Irina and Artem believe that the representatives of the MES simply “afraid of the precedent” and don’t want an example Grekov took advantage of other staff.

The official representative of the Ministry of emergency situations Vitaly Novitsky in connection with the case Grekov said that similar situations like Grekov, before the Agency was not. However, the 133-th paragraph of the regulation on service in bodies and divisions of EMERCOM theoretically allow fathers to do so – in cases when a man raises a child alone, without a mother. For example, in the case of his wife’s death, deprivation of her parental rights or if she is a long time in the hospital.

The center’s lawyer, “Her right,” Daria Churko says: the case of family Grekova illustrates the inconsistency of the Belarusian legislation on gender equality. On the one hand, the Constitution guarantees the right to education of children both parents, and on the other perpetuates discrimination. Churko says that earlier the lawyers of the center have already encountered such cases. In another family of military parents also agreed that leave to care for a child would go the father, but the man it was not received.

In Russia and other former Soviet countries men also complain that they find it difficult to take at work, maternity leave, and employers prefer to get rid of such employee under any possible pretext. In 2017, the widely known story of Vyacheslav Nasonova, who was denied tenure at the interview in “RosEvroBank” due to the fact that earlier he was sitting at home with the child. Formally the law in Russia allows men to take maternity leave for a period of three years, and female: this rule was enshrined in legislation in 2007.