“Fire!” The daughter of Stallone overshadowed by angelina Jolie

New photo eldest daughter of Sylvester Stallone made a strong impression on her fans. It 22-year-old Sophia appeared in the form of Lara Croft heroine brought great fame angelina Jolie. Moreover, Sofia dressed in the outfit of a brave lover of adventure, looked, according to her fans, even “cooler” than Jolie.

«Огонь!» Дочь Сталлоне затмила Анджелину Джоли

The word in this picture is posing not only Sophia, but her father. What Sylvester described shared photos. “Sophia Stallone is ready to celebrate Halloween in the way of Lara Croft. However, in the background it looms a strange type, like a bodyguard…” — as Sylvester signed the frame where he appeared together with her daughter in the guise of “security” in the tank top and jeans. As noted by his fans, muscular figure of the actor, this summer celebrated his 73rd birthday, makes a strong impression.

As for Sofia, she, in spite of its spectacular appearance, unlike her younger sister Sistin, did not want to become a professional model. Sophia successfully graduated from the University of California and became a business woman. But Sistin chose a career in modeling where she is, debuting on the podium in 2017, has already achieved notable successes. A parallel middle daughter Stallone in films. So, this summer, the screens out the film with her participation — “Blue-abyss-2”. And for its premiere to support Sistin, gathered all her family: sisters Sophia and Scarlet, and Sylvester and his wife, and mom of three daughters of actor — Jennifer Flavin.