First case: Ukrainian contracted Chinese coronavirus

Ukrainians have contracted the new coronavirus Chinese quarantine on Board the cruise ship Diamond Princess, which is a Japanese port, writes “Obozrevatel”.

Первый случай: украинец заразился китайским коронавирусом

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The Ministry of health, labour and welfare of Japan on Sunday, February 9, reported six new cases of infection, reports the press service.

The Director of the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Serhiy Pogoreltsev in comments to journalists, UNN confirmed ill the Ukrainians.

Among the cases, except one Ukrainian, four citizens of the Philippines and a resident of Hong Kong with a US citizenship. About one of the first with reference to the Japanese Ministry wrote to the reporter of ITAR-TASS Vasily Golovnin.

According to the latest information, all of them are members of the crew. Patients were evacuated from the ship and hospitalized.

He added that Ukrainian is a qualified medical assistance now patient “feels fine”.

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on health Mikhail radutsky told that the infected Ukrainians will hold in isolation for a minimum of 14 days. Date of return of citizens from Japan is not yet defined. However, in Ukraine they will observe when they are released from quarantine.

“We are in contact with all our citizens. But all of our citizens are members of the crew, so they have certain obligations,” — said the Ukrainian Consul in Japan Elena Ivanchuk.

Meanwhile, the crew member Taras Filippov showed in the video, what atmosphere reigns on the liner. He said that at least another two Ukrainians out of the cabins due to symptoms of infection.

All on Board Diamond Princess are about 3.7 million people (at least 25 Ukrainian citizens) from more than 50 countries.

The ship was detained February 4 at the port of Yokohama and the next day sent to quarantine.

The ship went on a cruise on January 20, but returned to the Harbor after Hong Kong came ashore the man, who was diagnosed with 2019-nCoV.

As of Monday morning, 10 February, the number of cases of infection with coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess reached 136 people — twice more than the day before, writes “New time”. It is the largest outbreak outside mainland China. However, according to the ship’s captain, quoted by CNN, the growth of the number of detected cases does not indicate the ineffectiveness of quarantine and was expected.

Infected is removed from the liner, most of these people delivered to a hospital in Yokohama.

Note that the Diamond Princess was launched in 2004. On Board are several restaurants and bars, a SPA, five swimming pools, a fitness centre, tennis court, mini Golf course, a nightclub and a casino.

We will add, the Ministry of Finance of China announced that to combat coronavirus will be allocated 71,85 billion yuan ($ 10.3 billion).

Funds will also be used to ensure that the regions had enough money for the subject against the virus.

While the vaccine diseases are not found. Interestingly, the world-famous actor Jackie Chan has offered a reward of 1 million yuan (about us $197 000) for the development of drugs to treat coronavirus, says straights are Times.

He hopes that his intention will not be misunderstood.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Cruise ship company Princess Cruises was in quarantine off the coast of Japan after one of the passengers found Chinese coronavirus. The quarantine was 3,500 passengers. A visitor from Hong Kong left liner Diamond Princess January 25, when the ship docked in Hong Kong to visit the local hospital where he was diagnosed with coronavirus. “Being on the ship, he had not visited the ship’s medical center to report any symptoms or illness — said in a statement. — At the hospital said he is in stable condition, and family members traveling with him, not detected any symptoms”.
  • In addition, in Hong Kong announced that check approximately 1,800 passengers with a private cruise liner, arrived from Wuhan, after some people have reported that they have fever and other symptoms of the virus. According to the Department of health of the city, about 90% of the passengers on the ship of the World Dream was from Hong Kong. Three people contracted the virus after they were on the ship from 19 to 24 January. On Tuesday, February 4, the ship was denied entry to Taiwan. And it’s unclear how long the passengers will be quarantined.
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