First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, honestly talks about the trauma during the armed conflict. She moved the audience to tears

Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine, went to bed late the day before the Russian invasion …

 First Lady of Ukraine Olena Żeleńska honestly about the trauma during the armed conflict. She moved the audience to tears

The children had long slept in the presidential mansion south of Kiev, a huge mansion built of yellow stone that the household had always judged to be too large and ostentatious.

For a long time, Olena Zelenska had a feeling that the security guards were agitated. He says that the dialogue about the armed conflict & ldquo; was long and broad, it just hung in the air & rdquo ;. The Ukrainian government asked the civilians not to panic, however it became more inconvenient when the Russians gathered invasion forces, surrounding the country on the north, east and south.

She dealt with supporting and helping, traumatized war against the citizens

When they went to sleep on February 23, Olena Zelenska did not think that this would be the last time they went to sleep together for long months. Her programs designed to improve education and healthcare in the country have been suspended, analogous to her screenwriting career.

Surrounded by uniforms, she could rarely predict where she would spend the next night. However, 10 weeks after the invasion, Zelenska decided to stop hiding, and from then on she was able to speak as a leader during the war.

In May, she launched a government initiative to provide psychological support to every Ukrainian. She has now embarked on training trauma counselors, creating mental health hotlines, and contacting outside experts for clinical support.

When she realized within a few days of the beginning of the Russian aggression that she could lose touch with her family at any moment, let my emotions flow out – It was probably the first time I cried, the first time I let my emotions go. I just couldn't take it – she revealed in the media.