First symptoms of liver cancer

Doctors called the first symptoms, which may indicate the early stages of liver cancer.

Первые симптомы развития рака печени

According to them, it’s fatigue and unreasonable sudden loss of weight. A person may appear aversion to food, it loses its appetite, appears pain in the right hypochondrium. Also for liver cancer characteristic tremor and fever.

Of course, these symptoms can be signs of many different diseases, not necessarily cancer, but doctors suggest be alert and to be examined because the liver cancer develop without vivid symptoms and is detected during routine follow-up.

Often liver cancer is diagnosed in people with high content of alpha-fetoprotein in the blood, with diseases of chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis of viral etiology.

To diagnose liver cancer are the following: blood tests, ultrasound with guided fine-needle biopsy. The vast majority of cases, the diagnosis can be made in one day.

The most effective prevention of primary liver cancer – avoid exposure to factors causing chronic liver disease. It is primarily the hepatitis viruses, alcohol abuse. You need to remember that in most cases this kind of cancer appears on the damaged liver (as a consequence of cirrhosis or hepatitis b and C). In rare cases, cancer develops in healthy body.