Five benefits of complete abstinence from alcohol

The doctors said that happens to the human body when it will cease to take alcoholic drinks.

Пять преимуществ полного отказа от алкоголя

To date found absolutely not drinking man is almost impossible. Moreover, alcohol use by both men and women, and even teenagers. About the dangers of alcohol on human health written many articles and books, but that doesn’t stop modern society.

To motivate people to “sober” lifestyle, the doctors decided to call the main advantages of abstinence:

The immune system begins to function properly and to protect human from viruses, infections and bacteria. Alcoholic drinks weaken the immune system, filling the intestines and blood of toxins, but after 2-3 weeks after the person stopped drinking, his immune system will restore the production of new cells.

By reducing the calorie consumption a person begins to lose weight. If you didn’t know, alcohol is a rather high-calorie product, which also reduces the sense of responsibility for the amount of food eaten. Often drinking men and women often eat at night and, consequently, have problems with excess weight.

The risk to get liver problems is reduced to a minimum, as no additional toxins in the form of alcohol, the body begins to function normally and gradually recover.

Disappears insomnia and the phenomenon of chronic lack of sleep. People who regularly consume alcoholic beverages, do not get to sleep properly even if they go to bed early and Wake up after 7-8 hours. After a couple of weeks of abstinence from alcohol normal sleep and the person will feel sleepy during the day.

Improves metabolism, due to which the internal organs begin to operate fully and promptly cleanse the body of harmful substances. Thanks to this improvement, the man renounced alcohol will begin to look fresher and feel fresher, more energetic.

Remember that alcohol dependence develops quietly, but to cure it and to stop drinking alcohol not everyone is capable of and in most cases, alcoholics can’t even help doctors.