Five cancer symptoms that are ignored many patients

Doctors have listed the symptoms that can talk about very serious health problems. But a lot of people for a long time do not pay attention to them.

Пять симптомов рака, которые игнорируют многие больные

Experts from the European centre for cancer prevention called the symptoms, which many people wrongly consider a harmless, whereas in fact they may be manifestations of cancer and other extremely dangerous diseases.

Cheerleaders should always elevated temperature. If you are chilled or there are no other reasons to hold temperature 37-37,5 degrees for several weeks need to consult a doctor. This may be a sign of a hidden infection or cancer, but often the reasons are much more harmless.

A cough that does not go more than two weeks even with the use of prescription drugs that have become the reason for the visit to the doctor. Especially if it is accompanied by chest pain or any other symptoms of respiratory – wheezing, shortness of breath, hemoptysis.

You need to contact the doctor if you are constantly tormented by heartburn. After some meals or a lot of stress can cause heartburn, but if you meet her almost after every meal and even between them, is examined. So may manifest cancer of the esophagus or throat, and diseases of the mucosa, which can also be very dangerous.

Lymph nodes normally do not have to be inflamed or enlarged. They can grow on the background of inflammatory processes, but if you have no signs of infection, and the lymph nodes remain swollen for more than a week, you need to visit a doctor.

You can’t ignore blood in the urine and stool, as well as any bleeding, which in norm should not be. If you have every day bleeding from the nose, appear on the skin sores, or bruises, an urgent need to be examined. Vaginal bleeding not related to menstruation, also need to discuss with your doctor.