Five errors that make it difficult to get rid of a cough

If SARS is held for five to seven days, the cough can stay for a long time. Experts told, what mistakes in the home treatment may not eliminate the cough, and to achieve full recovery.

Пять ошибок, которые мешают избавиться от кашля

In particular, the experts consider it a mistake not to treat the cough completely. According to them, many people refer to cough as the symptoms accompanying the common cold, which itself is held to the extent of overcoming the infection. However, a long exhausting cough the bronchi, making them more sensitive to the action of any irritating factor. In this case, the cough can become chronic and last for months.

Another error is to use antibiotics in case of cold infections. Experts say that when you cough, the main task is the prevention of stagnation of phlegm in the bronchi, because it is associated with an increased risk of bronchitis and pneumonia. To solve this problem, you need to use antibiotics, and mucolytic agent.

Also, do not constantly strive to ensure that the apartment was well heated. Protection from cold and especially a cough that just will not be. The space where a person spends several hours in a row, must be clean and well ventilated, especially if the person has a cold, coughing and blowing his nose. Dry and stuffy air only contributes to thickening of mucus complicates its removal, and instead of getting rid of a cough you get a chronic process.

Prostupivshieshie often mistakenly drink cough medicines. Coughing is necessary to help the body clear the airway of mucus. If you stop the cough, you may experience stagnation of the infected mucus that can lead to the development of bronchitis or even pneumonia. Debilitating cough effectively help to get rid of mucolytics, which help in the reduction of mucus.

To be treated with mustard plasters in case of cold and cough specialists also think it is wrong. Scientific evidence that these tools help to quickly get rid of a cold — no. Doctors, in turn, notice that in inflammatory processes of warming treatments throughout – they can be a trigger for the development of adverse effects.