Five fun ways to make extra money in 2020

More work does not necessarily mean another chore. Additional ways of earning can also be enjoyable especially if you find ways to maximize what you already love to do. Writes about this Grow.

Пять забавных способов дополнительного заработка в 2020 году

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“There is a huge amount of extra money, but if that’s what you still love to do, it’s also a great way to make money, says Kathy Kristof, co-founder and editor of the site — Everything is limited only by your imagination”.

1. The prettification persons at parties

If you are good at drawing, you can earn extra money by face painting for children’s parties or festivals.

There are a few upfront costs such as a basic set for painting faces, but you do not need any special certification, and begin work can. You can start to develop the client base by posting your services on Craigslist, the careers section of Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. According to Payscale, these artists earn an average of $14,68 per hour.

If you are creative and you like working with children, this extra income can be very useful, plus you have the opportunity to establish a schedule of work and prices.

2. Conduct tours

You can conduct walking tours of historical sites, bike tours, Hiking tours, gourmet tours and more as a guide. This will give you the opportunity to explore the region and to meet new people from around the world.

Potential earnings depend on a number of factors, such as location and previous experience, but average hourly earnings is almost 13 dollars, while the top 10% earn $24 per hour.

If you are an extrovert, but I know the best hidden gems that tourists can visit, no matter where you live, think about how to become a virtual guide and use the sites like ToursByLocals, to develop the tour, which will follow the other.

“They will allow you to develop your own tour, rate it, post on the website and they will charge you a fee when someone books your tour, says Christophe. — Everything that fits your interests or skills, this is what you are developing, and if people will buy it, you will earn money doing what you love.”

3. Be a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping become extremely popular among the community #debtfree in Instagram. This is a simple and flexible way to earn additional income.

You can apply to participate in mystery shopping at several sites, including BestMark, Second to None, and Secret Shopper. These sites employ the individual buyers to reach various shops and report it to management.

Some retailers hire companies to evaluate their service in the store; they often use mystery shoppers to gather information about how the store operates, quality customer service, appearance of shop, and more. Mystery customers can be instructed to make a specific purchase in a store or restaurant and then report it.

Mystery shoppers can expect to pay from 10 to 75 dollars for one job.

4. Become a stylist

If you like to buy trendy, unique items of clothing and know how to assemble outfits, the online modeling may be an ideal part-time job.

The sites like StichFix, pay an average of $ 15 per hour for remote stylists.

You will get the opportunity to choose a style for customers all over the world on their own schedule and come up with original versions using samples from retail sellers of the company. The job requires you to meet the needs and personal tastes of each client, while remaining in the trend.

This extra income will not only bring you additional income, but also save money. For example, online StitchFix stylists can get a 20% discount on products in retail stores of the company.

5. Design graphics for print or products

How often do you draw or create intricate graphical design? Try to find a buyer for what you create.

Online stores like Redbubble and Society6, allow artists to upload their original designs to the website. Then Redbubble and Society6 print these drawings on a variety of items such as mugs, t-shirts, stickers and more. For each product sold, the artist receives a percentage of the total price.

Artists can set their own markup percentage on the website, though by default, the figure is 20%. Redbubble gives artists the opportunity to decide for themselves how much to sell your art, in addition to the base price that sets Redbubble. Artists earn on average 17% of the retail price of each item, but, according to Redbubble, it may vary from 10% to 30%.

Although this is not the way to get rich quickly is a good way to earn a passive income for some time. If you are constantly creating, your designs will remain available in these online sites, this means that you can continue to enjoy the benefits long after you start working.