Five habits that do not give to lose weight

You sleep a little and Wake up to the alarm, drink coffee and eat too little the right fat. Sometimes our own habits of a person keep weight loss and not give to lose weight, despite the strict discipline and all the efforts along the way.

Пять привычек, которые не дают похудеть

You go to bed late and Wake up early. A number of studies shows that the human body who sleeps less than 7 hours, produces more ghrelin — the hormone that affects feelings of hunger and satiety. The increased synthesis of this hormone causes a person experiences a strong desire to have that cannot be overcome by strong-willed effort. It also slows down the consumption of energy and inhibits the use of body fat reserves. To fat more actively spent, you need to sleep seven or eight hours a day.

You Wake up to the alarm. This habit should probably be reviewed because of a revival at the sudden loud sound is for the body stress. Thus there is increased secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone, preventing the body to produce proteins. Even worse, under the action of the hormone pull proteins from the muscles to convert them into glucose needed by the body to resist stress.

Do you drink coffee immediately after waking up. After sleep, even if you woke up and drank a few SIPS of water, the body is usually severely dehydrated. Drinks with caffeine in such a situation lead to the release of cortisol, about the dangers which have been mentioned above. After waking up it is best to drink a large glass of warm water: it makes a cheerful and at the same time will increase metabolism.

You miss lunch break.
If during the day do not eat, the body automatically shuts down the power consumption and slows down fat burning. The consequence of this process can be a strong appetite in the evening, which does not allow to eat a small portion and will cause harmful overeating.

You are not eating enough healthy fats. Daily food intake should be 30% consist of healthy fats. Fats control hormonal balance and support healthy produce testosterone that is good for muscle growth. The more muscle mass the more calories are burned by the body at rest.

Scientists recommend the following products sources of fats: avocados, almonds, almond butter, walnuts, flax oil, olive oil, flax seeds containing omega-3 fatty fish.

You have run. Running may make you fitter but not slimmer. Only use cardio to lose weight ineffective. The body needs to build and strengthen your muscle mass to have an active metabolism of fats, where they are consumed for energy production, and not deposited on the body. For weight loss definitely need weight training.