Five main advantages of “late” delivery

A sound approach to fertility in adulthood promises the expectant mother has a lot of advantages.

Пять главных преимуществ «поздних» родов

For unknown reasons, the society considered that a woman should be a mother to 25 years. But experience shows that in Mature age to the birth of the child the woman is more responsible, so she becomes the perfect mother. Later motherhood has many benefits, although most people believe otherwise.

What could be better than mom already self-sufficient, firmly standing on his feet and knows what life is? And that’s just part of the “advantages” enjoyed by middle-aged women. We propose to consider other benefits of childbirth after 35 years:

1. By itself, the age of the woman plays a positive role. The fact is that 35-40 years woman is already fully aware of what she wants. If by this age the desire to have a child does not appear, then most likely already and will not appear. Psychologically the woman is ready, she will have to devote time to the child, to care for him 24 hours a day and not to deviate from it. Young girls only suffer from the fact that after childbirth they can not break free.

2. Birth after 35 have a positive impact on the health and appearance of women. During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes that secretes the hormone estrogen, which is responsible for attractiveness, libido, and emotional mood of a woman. Therefore, despite the Mature age, the woman is rejuvenated from the inside.

3. The material aspect. There is no woman that would 35 years not stood on his feet, not built a career and earned a living. In the end, the woman has to take place in marriage and assess your financial possibilities — either she makes her own money, or are behind a husband who was able to feed her and their baby.

4. The desire to become a mother. Closer to 40 years a woman who has no children, she understands clearly what’s ahead of her when the light appears boy. To his birth, the expectant mother prepares with great responsibility, and seeing two lines on the test, she will not even think about to leave her child or to go for an abortion.

5. A lot of free time. Only a young mother can afford to care for the child first 2 months and then go to work and to give her baby to the care of grandparents or nannies. Mature mom wouldn’t do that, because as a child it means much more than money. And it does not mean that the 20-year-old mom is bad, just that they have yet to build a career, see the world, relationship with her husband to establish, and so forth, and middle-aged women are already all established.